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I'd Like to Share the story of my healing journey with you.





/ˌdisˈfəNG(k)SH(ə)nl/ - pronunciation


  1. not operating normally or properly.
    "My mom is dysfunctional"

There was nothing normal or

proper about my family.!

I have a great story to tell.  The story is all true.  Dysfunction that has been going on for many generations. Handed down, like an outdated suit your great grandpa wore. Why do I chose to share this?  I have found that over the years, the more I share the easier life gets. Maybe, by telling this tale it will help someone break the cycle that they are in.  That is my hope . I am not a professional therapist by any means.  I am speaking from experience. I have lived it.  Some of the finer points to being a member of our tribe.  Addiction, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse.  I have extensive experience with all the labels.   By sharing my journey with you we can learn from each other.  Remove some of the the stigma attached to all these words that no one wants to talk about.


There is an entire laundry list of diagnosis from doctors and therapists.  I have PTSD, Fibromyalgia, addiction, anxiety and depression. I have tried all of their conventional treatments , needed an NA meeting to get away from some of them.  Eventually, I learned that all the tools that I need to heal were inside of me.   It hasn’t been easy.  It took me way too long , as far as I am concerned.  I hope that it doesn’t take you 54 years to get it.


I will be using an alias to tell my story.   In order to protect myself and the members of my family that have nothing to do with it.   I hope that over time you will share your stories with me. Please share them anonymously.  I think there is a great comfort that comes with that.  No worry or fear of backlash by telling your story.   My story and the stories that you share will eventually be used as material for a podcast.  This is not about harming those that have wronged us in any way.  This is a journey of healing as a community.   I have a full time job.  Take care of myself.  I have made a very comfortable life.  A life that isn’t painful everyday.  I am excited to get out of bed and start my day.  Together with a positive attitude and some determination. We can heal our hearts and minds.

About me.


Welcome to the shitshow that is my life


What we are about…….


I have some great stories about my dysfunctional family that I can’t wait to share.  These stories are all true.  I have changed the names. Not to protect the guilty but to protect me.   My co host and myself will discuss these stories on our podcast  with blunt honesty and humor.  Join us. Tell us your stories so we can share with everyone. Maybe we will help some asshole laugh at himself. We all have to have goals.   Love, Mertyl     

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